California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association


Our Sincere Thanks To These Organizations For The Work They Do and Their Support!

cash logoWorking alongside the team of human trafficking investigators in Sacramento, under the astute guidance and expertise of Jason Collins, has been an immensely enriching experience. The investigators collaborate with Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) to provide victims of human trafficking with access to life-altering services. They not only serve victims well, but they also ensure that the community and their colleagues are educated about trafficking. This partnership aims to ensure that victims receive the necessary support, care, and rehabilitation to help them regain control of their lives. An association such as the California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association only furthers this cause in a positive way. ~ Sawan Vaden, Executive Director of CASH


saving innocence logoAs the Executive Director of Saving Innocence, a service provider in Los Angeles for victims of Human Trafficking, we are extremely grateful for all of our partners. None are more important than our law enforcement, investigative and prosecutor partners. They do the heavy lifting in disrupting this crime and bringing forth justice for the victims. We have enjoyed an incredible partnership with these men and women for over a decade and many victims of this crime have found freedom because of our good working relationship with them. ~ Alan Smyth

jenna mckaye logoThe California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association is needed. I have been working in the anti-trafficking field for 8 years and while there has been a lot of progress there is still so much work to do. We need collaboration from well trained professionals who understand not only human trafficking but how to address it. As someone who has not only survived this crime but done this work on various platforms I see the need for the association to fill in the gaps for training and advocacy in California. I’ve personally worked with Tyson McCoy, Kim Wah, and Juan Reveles and they are some of the best at what they do in their professions but also people that I personally enjoy working alongside. I’m proud to endorse them and I’m excited to see what the association will accomplish and look forward to collaborating with them. I hope many will get on board with supporting the important work they do and I’m grateful for a team of great leaders stepping up in more ways in this fight against trafficking and crime. ~ Jenna McKaye, Founder of the Jenna McKaye Foundation

empowerment logoA Statewide California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association is pivotal in the fight against human trafficking because as a survivor / lived experience expert / thriver - I want all those still in the life to be safe in every state that they will come in contact with. I have worked alongside Tyson McCoy, and he is diligent and passionate in the eradication of human trafficking. As a survivor and boots on the ground worker in human trafficking, we look for individuals that actually care and I believe this association will bridge the gap between victims, survivors, and law enforcement. It’s important for the state of California to join this fight in human trafficking and provide awareness and training for all investigators and prosecutors to know what to look for so there is no mistake and a victim is not sent to jail which is a form of Re-victimization. I am honored and proud to endorse this association and I cannot wait to see all the great things they accomplish. ~ Odessa (Dess) Perkins,
C.E.O and Founder of emPOWERment Dess Perkins Foundation

The California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association is greatly needed.  I began working in the anti-trafficking field in 2018. Although training, collaboration and support has occurred, the need continues in a progressive way. I have worked with many victims, law enforcement agencies and service providers throughout the State and there are still many gaps in services and practices to assist in rescue, prosecution, trauma-informed advocacy, healing and safety. Having CalTIPA would assist in many needs that are unmet. I’ve personally worked with Tyson McCoy and have witnessed his knowledge, professionalism, and stellar ability to keen in on the issues before us today. I proudly endorse Mr. McCoy, his fellow board members and association and look forward to collaborating in this fight against human trafficking. ~ Kristie Esquivel, Social Service Supervisor II Kern County DHS/CPS - CSEC Investigations

breaking the chainsMyself and Breaking the Chains is honored to endorse The California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association. This dedicated law enforcement-based human trafficking association   plays a crucial role in combating this heinous crime by fostering collaboration, sharing intelligence, and coordinating efforts among agencies. Their unified approach enhances the effectiveness of investigations, ensuring a more comprehensive and targeted response to eradicate human trafficking and support survivors. #TogetherWeAreBTC ~ Debra Rush | CEO | Lived Experience Expert, Breaking the Chains

sunThe California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association will help meet the need for statewide training and collaboration to fight human trafficking and ensure justice for survivors.  As the former Executive Director of an anti-human trafficking organization, I know how important it is to have dedicated, trained investigators and prosecutors who understand the challenges of prosecuting human trafficking cases while addressing the needs of survivors.  In Sacramento County, we are fortunate to have Courtney Martin and Jason Collins, two experienced law enforcement professionals who partner with the community to understand the issue, hold perpetrators accountable, and support the healing of survivors.  I endorse the formation of The California Human Trafficking Investigators and Prosecutors Association because I believe that communities throughout California will benefit from specialized training, legal expertise, and the opportunity to learn from one another to combat all forms of human trafficking.    - Terri Galvan, former executive director of Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) 

I...endorse Tyson McCoy, a [deputy] district attorney whose unwavering dedication to combating human trafficking is not only commendable but also impactful. As a survivor of human trafficking, I have had the unique opportunity to work alongside him and witness his profound commitment to justice and survivor empowerment. Tyson has been instrumental in incorporating survivors into the training of law enforcement on human trafficking awareness. This inclusive approach has not only enriched the training program but has also ensured that the voices of those most affected are heard and valued. His efforts to bring a survivor's perspective to the forefront signify a significant and progressive change in addressing this global issue. His dedication to prosecuting traffickers to the fullest extent of the law is matched by his compassion for survivors and his determination to implement a victim-centered approach in his work. Tyson's contributions have not only led to the successful prosecution of traffickers but have also fostered a supportive environment that encourages survivors to become advocates for change.
I am confident that Tyson McCoy will continue to make a substantial difference in the fight against human trafficking no matter where he serves and I wholeheartedly support his ongoing efforts. - Ofelia Flores Consultant/Lived experienced expert 

The hardworking women and men at CHTIPA have dedicated their lives to stopping the heinous crime of human trafficking. It has been an honor to work side by side with them to address this prolific crime in California and pass historic legislation to protect our children from traffickers. The CHTIPA leadership team are experts in the field of human trafficking who have a proven track record of advocating for victims and ensuring they get the justice they deserve. – Senator Shannon Grove, Author of Senate Bill 14

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